Global Action Platform (GAP)

Since 2016, GCERF has provided support to over 350 civil society organisations through grants aimed at preventing violent extremism (PVE). To foster knowledge and experience sharing among past and present grantees, GCERF has established a unique platform called the Global Action Platform (GAP).

This platform serves as a hub for collaboration, enabling local organisations to strengthen their capacity and enhance their PVE programming. GAP offers a space for civil society organisations to learn from each other, share and increase their expertise, and navigate the complexities of PVE initiatives.

Looking ahead, GAP aims to broaden its scope by incorporating external stakeholders such as academia and international organisations into its network. This expansion will further enrich the exchange of knowledge and expertise within the PVE community.

GAP Working Groups

At present, GAP hosts six active working groups:

  • Community-based Integration
  • Rehabilitation & Reintegration (Supporting individuals returning from Northeast Syria and Iraq)
  • Social Cohesion
  • PVE and Climate
  • Radicalisation in Prisons
  • PVE Online

These groups are developing knowledge products, such as working papers and guidance notes, and organising workshops and global community of practice sessions (GCoPs).

These working groups are dynamic, and members meet regularly. All GCERF grantees have the opportunity to join any of these groups.

For instance, in collaboration with UNDP, Folk Bernadotte Academy, and Elman Peace Center, the community-based integration working group has developed a guidance note on supporting the community-based reintegration of Former Members of Armed Forces and Groups. A series of training is also delivered by the working group to grantees involved or wanting to learn more about the guidance note.

The R&R group organized a workshop during the Geneva Peace Week on the Western Balkans R&R approach and is currently in the process of creating a new knowledge product that outlines best practices of R&R for people returning from Iraq and Northeast Syria to the Western Balkans.

The Social Cohesion group meets on a bi-monthly basis to discuss good practices and lessons learned within their contexts of PVE programming. The group is drafting a working paper on strengthening and restoring social cohesion in the Sahel with case studies.

The Radicalisation in Prisons working group was launched in person in Bamako, Mali. The working group aims to look at various angles of radicalisation and proposed methods to help the rehabilitation and re-socialisation of individuals through community engagement.

Global Community of Practice (GCoP) Sessions

GAP continues to facilitate several GCoPs, convening members and external stakeholders to explore PVE-related topics comprehensively.

These sessions serve as forums for discussing good practices, lessons learned, and challenges encountered in the field. The first edition of the GCoP focused on how to mainstream gender into PVE programming. You can download the powerpoint slides here and watch the recording of the session here.