Introducing GCERF: A Global Response to Radicalisation to Violent Extremism

An in-depth interview with Carol Bellamy, Chair, GCERF Governing Board, and Khalid Koser, Executive Director, GCERF

What is your main objective?
What is the history behind the idea of creating this new funding mechanism?
Why Geneva?
What makes you different from other institutions that fund community engagement and resilience building or support initiatives to counter violent extremism?
How is the fund structured? Who takes decisions and will manage the resources?
What are the countries that have already stated their interest in funding your activities?
What are the countries you will target in the first round of disbursement of funds?
The three pilot countries all have predominantly Sunni Muslim populations. Will only countries with Muslim populations be eligible for funding?
What kind of projects will you finance?
How can an institution or community apply?
Who and how will decisions be taken on which projects will receive your support?
How much money can each community-level organization expect to receive?
What kind of internal mechanisms will you establish to avoid the misuse of the funding once it reaches communities?
How will you ensure that GCERF funds do not end up in the hands of violent extremists?
What does success look like?
Different regions of the world present different challenges and development issues. How will GCERF tailor its policies and funding for each country?
How different will the projects in these areas be?
Will the Fund impose criteria for how donor countries should conduct foreign policy, especially toward challenges created by violent extremist groups?

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Global Community Engagement and Resilience Fund (GCERF)