GCERF Signs its First Grants

MINUSMA supported the Gao youth's citizen engagement in the realization of a communal theater project for the relaunch of a culture of peace and reconciliation.

GCERF is happy to announce the signing of its first grants in Bangladesh, Mali, and Nigeria. GCERF is now working with 12 grantees across these three countries, supporting 60 initiatives contributing to the prevention of violent extremism and involving 52 local community-based organisations. The community level initiatives will engage over 500,000 individuals and indirectly reach a further 1 million, and will also mobilize over 50,000 change agents  The focus within the communities reached are mainly youth and women.The type of activities being funded focus on empowering women, promoting interfaith dialogue, increasing the capacity of religious and community leaders on how to prevent violent extremism, promoting critical thinking in classrooms and workplaces, and strengthening arts and cultural traditions.

GCERF is now engaging in Kenya, Kosovo, and Myanmar to fund similar initiatives in 2017.

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Global Community Engagement and Resilience Fund (GCERF)