Core Funding Mechanism

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Addressing the local drivers of radicalisation to violence by supporting local community-level responses is an important, underexploited, and currently underfunded strand of a holistic, integrated policy for countering violent extremism.

Operating at the nexus of security and development, GCERF’s Core Funding Mechanism (CFM) is committed to working in partnership and consultation with governments, civil society, and the private sector in pilot countries to support national strategies to address the local drivers of violent extremism. The CFM will provide support for up to three years to consortia of organisations working at the community level to build resilience to violent extremist agendas; consortia will be coordinated and led by a locally registered legal entity that will act as a principal funding recipient.

The CFM was launched in Bangladesh, Mali, and Nigeria in 2015, and Kenya, Kosovo, and Myanmar in 2016. GCERF has already committed up to USD 13.416 million to Bangladesh, Mali, and Nigeria for grants beginning in early 2016.


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