Call for Expressions of Interest

Become a GCERF Grant Recipient in the Western Balkans

Applications close:

23:59 (CET) Monday 27 September 2021

GCERF, in collaboration with the Regional Accelerated Funding Panel (RAFP) in the Western Balkans, is pleased to announce a call for expressions of interest for CSOs in Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Kosovo, and North Macedonia to form a consortium and become a Principal Recipient (PR) of GCERF funding from GCERF’s Accelerated Funding Mechanism (AFM).

Under the AFM, GCERF will fund consortia of CSOs to implement initiatives aimed at creating an enabling  environment for the  rehabilitation and reintegration of returned foreign terrorist fighters (RFTFs) and their families. Consortium grants are managed and supported by the PRs, who are the legal recipients of GCERF funding and provide funding to other consortium members or “Sub-Recipients” (SR).

GCERF intends to grant at least two (2) awards during this round of funding. The first priority is a comprehensive Rehabilitation and Reintegration grant in Bosnia and Herzegovina and the second as a regional grant to support the “Case Management”. 

Case Management –While frontline workers and GCERF’s current grantees have experience working with trauma survivors, experience is limited and would benefit from outside support of experts who have decades of experience. GCERF envisages the “Case Management” award to be covered by one organisation or by a consortium. The award should cover all Western Balkan countries and the award can be led by a local orgnaisation in the Western Balkans or an organisation based internationally.

All expressions of interest (EOIs) must be duly filled and submitted electronically to by 27 September 2021. The email should be marked as ‘EOI-Western Balkans’ – in the subject line – and specifying in which country your organisation is applying for grant funding. GCERF will host an EOI information session online on Wednesday, 15 September at 10AM (Geneva time) for all those who would like to ask questions related to the EOIs. Join the session here. 

Read notes from the virtual EOI information session here. 


  1.  Appropriate legal registration of the consortium lead in one of the four countries for this call.  
  2. Willingness and capacity to accept and fulfil the role of a Principal Recipient (as described above).


  1. Established relationships and credibility with the relevant national and local authorities, institutions and front liners (e.g. schools, psychologists, social workers, etc.), and other stakeholders involved in R&R of FTFs and their families.   
  2. Technical expertise in Trauma and Violence Informed Care (TVIC) case management.
  3.  Experience and capacity in community-level initiatives focused on strengthening resilience against violent extremism and particularly on R&R of FTFs and their families.
  4. Experience and capacity in programme management.
  5. Experience and capacity in financial management and in the management of, and accounting for, donor grant funding.
  6. Experience in managing sub-recipients and assessing and enhancing their capacities. 
  7.  Willingness and capacity to engage international partners as sub-recipients and service providers.